Sean Rhys Stirling

I have not been looking at my site for some time.  Somehow odd little ads have sprouted on the pages – to be fixed soon.  Apologies for these strange ads.  I’ve shut down most of the pages.  The Fretboard app page is still turned on with a few nice things.

It seems that I had ADBLOCK turned on and did not see when these ads appeared on the site each time I visited.

This is a link to a few videos for the time being:

The Chapman Stick – that’s what I play these days.

For a time I played gigs all about the planet as a keyboardist.

Now I live on a magical island and study the elegant, unique Chapman Stick™.

See this marvelous instrument at Stick Enterprises.

It’s a two-handed tapping instrument – fingertips on strings.

It’s one you should look into, if you desire to create new ground in the music world.

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Posted August 17, 2012 by seanstirling