CD/DVD Graphics

A fun project. Michael Kollwitz, (Michael Koll) living in Hawaii at the time, contacted me to design and produce the graphics for his CD – Suntan Lady. Michael had an idea of having the Palm trees as Sticks. 

Front Cover – Suntan Lady – Michael Kollwitz

I created all of this on a MacBook Pro.  Click an image for the full size.

The Suntan Lady has gold earrings – my 3d model of a 12 String Grand in fine detail. 

Suntan Lady close up with credits and gold Stick earring.

Sticking to the same motif – Here is the Suntan Lady in black and white in the enclosed booklet. If you click to enlarge the graphic, you’ll notice the Grand Stick on the large, beach towel. 

Inside of booklet with song titles and information

An unexpected extra for Michael – I created this image for use in promoting his current and past CDs. I got a wonderful reaction when this showed up in his inbox.

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Posted December 2, 2010 by seanstirling