Graphic creations

Some years back I began with a powerful and command heavy program called Blender.

This was a first attempt at building a Chapman Stick.
(Click the images for the full size.)

Early 3d Stick design by Sean Rhys Stirling

One of many website background images:

…and here is one of my latest 3d designs for a Grand Stick (with a hint of Parallel Galaxies for you Stickists).

Michael Lanning (East coast Stickist) was posting about getting inspired to play.  I believe he mentioned that a long ride on his Harley would put him into the right attitude for practicing the Stick.  This was my reply to Michael.

Attitude adjustment

…A young Stickist just beginning the journey.

Young Stickist with a rare Soprano Stick.

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Posted December 6, 2010 by seanstirling